Do I have to know how to program to use your system?No, if you have used applications like word or other word-processing programs, the tools are very similar.  However, if you know HTML and would like to build in complexity in your pages, you can.

Do I need to host with your company?
Yes, you will need to host your website with us.  We provide competitively priced hosting packages based on the applications you use on your website.  The benefit to hosting with us is that you get all updates automatically without having to install a new version of the applications on your own server.

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have?
No, there is no limit to the number of pages you can have on your site. 

Is your system template based?  Will I get a unique website for my company?Your Custom design is programmed into working templates or "themes" in our build process.  Every page in your website has a theme attached to it.  Depending on the website, you can have any where from 1 to 20 or more different themes.
I have an existing website.  Can I transfer it to your service?
We will need to study your site and convert it to our system, but for the most part, all sites can be converted very easily into our system and be ready made for you to use.

Can I upload videos, PDF's, photos to my pages?
Yes, easily

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